Electric Fiber Connector Cleaner

Electric Fiber Connector Cleaner

Electric Fiber Connector Cleaner is designed so all operators can consistently achieve high quality cleaning without alcohol or other solvents. It has excellent anti-static properties to avoid reattachment of dust to the ferrule after cleaning. Electric Fiber Cleaner  is palm-sized and lightweight, easy and safe to use whether in the engineering lab, on the production line, or in the field.

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Electric Fiber Connector Cleaner Specification

Model EDV-838
Weight 60g
Cleaning time 3 seconds
Batteries Two AA batteries and the life above 100 hrs.
Cleaning end-face APC / PC
Cleaning diameter 1.25 / 2.5 mm

An electric fiber connector cleaner is a device used to clean the end faces of fiber optic connectors to remove dust, debris, and other contaminants that can cause signal loss and degradation. The electric fiber connector cleaner operates by applying a small amount of cleaning solution and then using a rotating brush to scrub the end face of the connector. This helps to remove any particles that may be present and restore the connector to a clean state.

The use of an electric fiber connector cleaner is critical in maintaining the performance of fiber optic networks, as even a small amount of debris can cause significant signal loss. In addition, the use of an electric cleaner is often faster and more effective than manual cleaning methods, making it a preferred choice for many fiber optic technicians.

There are several types of electric fiber connector cleaners available, including pen-style cleaners, and automated cleaners that are integrated into fiber optic test equipment. The type of cleaner used will depend on the specific needs of the network and the preferences of the user.







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