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    Cisco RF Gateway 1

    The Cisco RF Gateway 1 is a standards-based universal edge QAM (U-EQAM) solution for convergence of high-speed and high-bandwidth data and video distribution at the edge of the cable access network. The Cisco RF Gateway 1 offers leading edge density, modularity, and flexibility with support for Switched Digital Video (SDV), VoD, Broadcast Video, and DOCSIS® 3.0/Modular CMTS (M-CMTS)™ all on a single QAM platform.    Request more information/offer

    Cisco RFGW-10

    Cisco RFGW-10 defines a new category in cable network infrastructure - a highly intelligent, multifunction, carrier-class universal edge quadrature amplitude modulation modulator (U-EQAM) platform designed for high-availability services. The gateway offers concurrent support for standard and high definition digital broadcast television, switched digital video (SDV), video-on-demand (VoD), and DOCSIS ® modular cable modem termination system (M-CMTS ) services.  Request more information/offer