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    Huawei CSHF

    Huawei CSHF  is a 16-port XGS-PON and GPON Combo OLT interface board Huawei 16-port Symmetric 10G GPON and GPON combo OLT Interface Board with XGSPON & GPON C+ Optical Module Support XGS-PON, XG-PON and GPON. Huawei CSHF card is optimized for high-performance, large-scale data storage, making it well-suited for cloud computing environments that require fast, reliable access to large amounts of data. With a high-speed interface and low latency, the CSHF card delivers fast data access and high throughput, enabling cloud environments to process large amounts of data more efficiently. In addition to its high-performance capabilities, the CSHF card is also designed for reliability and durability, making it an ideal solution for cloud computing environments that require 24/7 uptime and low downtime. With its advanced error correction and fault tolerance features, the CSHF card helps to ensure that data is protected and that cloud environments remain up and running even in the event of a hardware failure.  Request more information/offer

    Huawei GPBH Service Board

    Huawei GPBH Service Board is a specific board of  Huawei telecommunications equipment, particularly in their optical transport network  solutions.  Request more information/offer