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    INNO IFS-15M

    INNO IFS-15M

    IFS-15M FTTH Fusion Splicer the IFS-15H FTTx fusion splicer will come with a standard 3 year warranty. This warranty covers all IFS-10 and IFS-15H FTTx fusion splicers. The IFS-15H is compatible with both fiber and cable splicing. INNO's newest fusion splicer technology combines the functions of both splicing fiber sizes that are popular in FTTH applications: 250µm fiber, 900µm fiber, flat cable, fiber jumper and splice-on connectors. Datasheet  Request more information/offer

    Splicer INNO IFS-15S

    IFS-15S core-alignment fusion splicer with the new Digital Analysis Core Alignment System is one of the most dependable splicer on the market. The IFS-15S has a friendly, intuitive GUI  with a 4.3 inch high-resolution color LCD screen that is easy to see and use. With a compact size of the fusion splicer (155mm*130mm*137mm), IFS-15S STANDARD Master brings much more convenience for customers who works in the telecommunication field.  Request more information/offer