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Patch Cord APC-UPC-SM-SX

Patch Cord APC-UPC-SM-SX is a type of fiber optic patch cord that is designed for use in single-mode (SM) fiber optic networks. It includes connectors with an angled physical contact (APC) on one end and an ultra physical contact (UPC) on the other end. The APC connector ensures low back reflection and high return loss, making it adoptable for applications that require precise signal transmission.

Patch Cord Lc-Pc-Om3-DX

Patch Cord LC-PC-OM3-DX  is used to establish fiber optic connections between networking devices such as switches, routers, and optical transceivers. It provides reliable and high-speed data transmission over short distances within a network infrastructure.  Request more information/offer

Patch Cord SC/UPC-LC/UPC

Patch Cord SC/UPC-LC/UPC refers to a specific type of fiber optic patch cord used for single-mode applications. This patch cord includes an SC (Subscriber Connector) connector with an UPC (Ultra Physical Contact) polish on one end and an LC (Lucent Connector) connector with an UPC polish on the other end.  Request more information/offer


SC/UPC E2000/APC patchcord is a fiber optic patchcord that has an SC/UPC connector on one end and an E2000/APC connector on the other end. This configuration allows for the connection between devices or equipment that have not the same connector types, while also ensuring low signal loss and minimal reflections due to the angled polishing of the E2000/APC connector.  Request more information/offer