HUAWEI HG8010H 1x GPON 1x RJ45 1000Mb/s


The HUAWEI HG8010H 1x GPON 1x RJ45 1000Mb/s is a bridging-type ONT used in the Huawei all-optical access solution. It implements ultra-broadband access through the GPON technology.

  • B +
  • Receiver sensitivity: -27dBm
  • Wavelengths: US 1310 nm, DS 1490 nm
  • Wavelength Blocking Filter (WBF)
  • MAC-Adress Filtering
  • PPPoE/DHCP Simulation Testing
  • Ethernet port-based VLAN tags and tag removal
  • 1:1 VLAN, N:1 VLAN, or VLAN transparent transmission
  • QinQ VLAN
  • Ethernet  1G


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HUAWEI HG8010H 1x GPON 1x RJ45 1000Mb/s

HUAWEI HG8010H 1x GPON 1x RJ45 1000Mb/s ONT terminal working in GPON technology intended for use inside buildings, in optical fibre networks of FTTH type. It is equipped with a gigabit Ethernet port, thanks to which you can use the full potential of a fiber-optic network. It enables comfortable browsing and Internet use, good quality VoIP calls and watching HD movies. HG8010H has a very good value for money, making it the ideal solution for FTTH networks as a client terminal.

Smart O&M

  • Variable-length OMCI messages
  • Active/Passive rogue ONT detection and isolation
  • PPPoE/DHCP simulation testing


  • Ethernet port rate limitation
  • Transparent transmission of IPv6 packets at Layer 2
  • 802.1p priority·
  • Flow mapping based on the VLAN ID, port ID, or/and 802.1

Common O&M

  • OMCI/Web UI
  • Dual-system software backup and rollback
  • 802.1ag Ethernet OAM
  • Optical link measurement and diagnosis


  • IGMP v2/v3 snooping
  • MLD v1/v2 snooping
  • Fast leave·VLAN tag translation, transparent transmission, and removal for downstream multicast packets
  • IGMP/MLD protocol packet rate limitation
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