Casa C3200

Casa System’s C3200 Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) is a DOCSIS 3.0 qualified cable edge device in a high density, 3RU platform. As a third-generation CMTS, the C3200 has several unique capabilities in addition to it’s complete DOCSIS 3.0 features. The C3200 supports complete separation of downstream channel capacity from upstream channel capacity in a single physical chassis providing a flexible downstream to upstream channel ratio. This flexibility allows cable operators to add downstream channels and upstream channels completely independently within the same chassis allowing them to address specific end user requirements. For example, business users typically require a symmetrical downstream to upstream traffic ratio while residential users require a more asymmetric ratio. For IPTV or video-over-IP applications, significantly more downstream traffic is required than the upstream traffic.


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The C3200 CMTS comes in a compact 3RU form factor. It is based on a modular architecture that gives cable operators the maximum flexibility in tailoring their networks according to the requirements of their services. The C3200 consists of a base system with one Switch and Management Module slot and six slots for DOCSIS interface modules (downstream DQM modules or upstream DCU modules).
Extensive DOCSIS 3.0 Features
As a full DOCSIS 3.0 CMTS, the C3200 offers the highest channel bonding capability on the market today. In the downstream direction, up to 16 QAM channels (with
DQM16 module) can be bonded, yielding up to 800Mbps of instantaneous bandwidth per subscriber. The C3200 also supports IPv6, AES encryption/decryption,and full, multicast capabilities.
Rich Operational Features
The C3200 supports industry standard Command Line Interface (CLI) and SNMP for configuration and management. Some of the operational features supported are; static and dynamic load balancing for single and bonded channels, extensive show cable modem commands, spectral management, system resource reporting, and user privilege management. Acting as a Layer 3 routing device, the C3200 supports static as well as dynamic routing protocols such as OSPF, IS-IS, BGP, RIP, and PIM-SM.

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